Being Thankful for the Enlightenment…

vibrations-goldThanksgiving was a great day for family, friends, and the local police department in Oberlin.  Thanksgiving evening the upper respiratory experience returned after abating for a few days.  The cough syrup experience resulted in being escorted the last several blocks home from Beachwood by the Oberlin Police Department.  It will take an act of God for me to take cough syrup ever again.  Two days earlier, I had an od experience by doubling up on the dosage by accident.  I will regain my health and keep it, that is the promise to myself.

Moving on, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were definitely “sick” days, but they were also the days of returning to health.  

About a year ago, the first of four episodes of this muck hit me and took away my voice for a month.  Soul searching led me to find what was happening since I do not get sick, or didn’t get sick for years.  I left an association with a business acquaintance at that time following 3 years of working with them.  It was time.  It was also the time when the Oberlin move began to materialize and several opportunities to add cash flow appeared.  I was off and running until June when I began to implement the plans and had already moved to Oberlin.  I jumped in and episode number 2 of the muck hit!  But I ignored it and kept up the crazy pace of beginning two new ventures:  Pampered Chef and Norwex.  I also became an active volunteer in the Oberlin Business Partnership.  Three months later, episode 3 hit; I dropped the Oberlin Business Partnership.  My voice came back.  The focus was on Pampered Chef and Norwex to get them grounded. My core business was being ignored, and I fully intend to get back into it, which I began to do.  I was not happy because I thought I should be able to handle everything.  I always could, but I had forgotten that the move to Oberlin was to grow Empower Excellence the way I envisioned it originally.  I created the concept document, and episode 4 hit!

The Empower Excellence Experience Nov 14 2017-page-0

The concept document promised clarification and it is being clarified as of this week.  This is still my mission, but there is a big explanation of the roles that Pampered Chef and Norwex will play.

When I left corporate America in 2012 for good, I made the promise to myself and to my clients that I would not sell product and I would not represent a company:  I would represent my clients in their best interest.  Somehow I stuck to it with Empower Excellence and my coaching, and I threw it away when it came to the rest of the concept.  And the Universe made sure that I went back to my intention and mission.  As the progression into Pampered Chef and Norwex took place, the muck episodes recurred while both of my holistic doctors reassured me that there was nothing physically wrong.  Then I got it!  

So now, I still am following The Empower Excellence Model of Personal Sustainability, but I am removing myself from the direct involvement in Norwex and Pampered Chef.  When needed by my clients, for employment opportunities especially, I will refer them to my spline managers in both Norwex and Pampered Chef.  I am now phasing out of both entities.  Sure, I personally love both products, but they are not my full-time passion.  The Empower Excellence financial transition is my mission and passion, and it is what I will focus on moving forward.  

Once you enter the path of evolution and empowerment, stepping away from that path can bring changes in vibration, and that happened.  It has affected my health, and I am aware enough that it took the Major Muck #4 to stop me long enough to realize what I had done, and only I could change it…and change it, I did. 

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