Clutter and Money, It is True, Honey!

Butterfly Uncluttering

Money and things, boy, are they related.  You already know that, but do you ever stop and think that even the presence of clutter in your office, in your home, in your mind, are truly related to your money relationship?  

When you take the time to sort and respect “your things”, you are taking the time to allow your thought process to become aligned with your money.  A cluttered mind usually does not stop in your mind.  It spreads to your office, to your car, to your home.  

 Try this:  ick one place in your life that is cluttered.  UNCLUTTER IT!  Really, unclutter it, and then ask yourself how you feel about what you just did.  You may find yourself taking the next step to uncluttered a part of your life.  Sooner or later, you may just get to your bills, to your paperwork, to your money.

It is worth a try!

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