Holistic or Traditional?


This is an interesting day of awareness.  Even though I am suffering through my second cold/cough in 6 months, I am happy because I have discovered the source of this malady:  my traditional doctor!  Yes, really.  I do not get colds.  About 9 years ago, my holistic doctor recommended an unknown to me, and, until 5 months ago, when my traditional doctor warned that this recommendation might be providing too much iron, so I did not follow 9 years of good experience with taking several mini tablets twice a day of a product called Hyland’s #4 Ferrum Phos 6x.  And 2 colds in 6 months!  Yes, this morning I am back on #4!  While pursuing personal Sustainability, I have learned to listen to my body, which today is screaming “What were you thinking?”

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