This is NOT My President!


I had promised not to become involved in the politics of this presidency, but I was wrong!  This is not a presidency, it is a farce involving a reality show player who is not only a narcissist but also ignorant.  I really did not want to enter into this, but I waited an extraordinary time while national news media waited for Donald J. Trump to make an entrance into a room for a military signing with military personnel left standing on a stage “waiting”, and waiting, and waiting.  This man portraying a president had no respect for them, but more than that, he had no respect for what had happened at the University of Virginia campus on Friday night and the protest that led to a death and multiple injuries in Charlottesville.  What in the hell are we waiting for America?  This is a travesty among travesties.  Racism is not acceptable!  I live in a town where a college was established to educate women and African Americans in 1833!  It is almost 200 years ago.  I live in a town, by choice, where progressives and conservatives live side by side.  I live in a city with a college surrounded by rural America.  I live here by choice.  There were moments I considered moving to Canada in November of last year.  But I have family here, and that move would be a major move away from them!  But this is going too far.  This man playing the role as president is leading us to nuclear war, to domestic war, and a tearing asunder of the fabric of our country.  It is more than I can be quiet about…but I will start small with a vigil for Charlottesville tonight.  I will remember that Donald J. Trump is not my president, and I am hoping that millions of others will rise up with me to end this cataclysmic reminder of a reality show that really is so bad!

P.S.  I am no longer posting my wordpress blog on Facebook or anywhere else except wordpress.  Please share my blog handle and thank you for letting me vent today and every day


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