Sometimes You Just Need to be HAPPY!


No need for heavy thinking today!  It is sunny in Ohio, and it reminds me of a crisp September Ohio day!  But it is not September, it is August!  But being happy does not pay attention to any calendar month or day.  

No need for elaborate planning today.  Life will flow as it is meant to flow.  Just be ready to go with the flow, and be HAPPY!

No need to stick with healthy eating today, unless you really want to.  I chose not to.  I had a very healthy breakfast already including 4 fruits and vegetables, and then I went to the grocery to pick up two things, but I ended up doing the grocery shopping.  After all, I had an apple fritter from my morning meeting waiting for me in the car.  Might as well be happy at least for today!  But eating healthy makes me happy as well!

What I am sharing is that once in a while just be HAPPY and do not overthink it!


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