It is All About Light Today!


The first eclipse of August is today, August 7th, a full moon lunar eclipse, in Aquarius, which will light up your astrological home and family sector.  It is a time to be pushed, prodded, and pulled out of your complacency, and I know I need that!  It is a time to embrace change.  There is much more to this astrologically, but emotionally I am being affected.  In my life, much is unsettled, not because of an intentional undoing or doing.  It is one of those times, and it began about a week ago, that no matter what I do, I am out of it.  The Universe has become a forever presence emotionally and intuitively, more than ever before, and will not let the mind rest.  It is not a bad presence, but it is relentless.  Thankfully, there will be news in the coming days to prove or disprove the Universe.  When it proves it, it will continue for many more days.  To think otherwise is not in my best interest.


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