And my Destiny is…


A Sunday kind of word “Joy”…

But today it is my destiny.  Like most people, I have loved and worked throughout my life for others because I loved them.  It usually was not easy…but it was within me to do it, so I did.  When I was very young, it was what I did because I was a “good girl “, a good Catholic girl moreover.  As I became more of an adult at age 12, mothering an infant because my mother was not able in many ways, I lost the joy of childhood, which therapy decades later helped me to identify and overcome only to be told by my siblings I was selfish.  Yes, I was and that led to many years of identifying my joy and pursuing it,

But there were detours, a marriage doomed, unknown to me, from the start because of immaturity and infidelity from the start.  I returned the ring before the wedding only to cave when he pledged love.  Fourteen years later, two children, years of heartache tolerated for the children, and a horrible walkout by him, I was divorced, a single parent, with the financial means lacking to support them, or myself.

That was thirty four years ago….twenty four years ago I knew there was more for me.  The journey began to support us, but always with doors opening, not necessarily with adequate funds but with the steps to keep moving toward “more” of a destiny.  Faith kept me moving.  The 24 years allowed the dream about to manifest itself…

And the mission became what is now known as The Empower Excellence Experience: Personal Sustainability in Oberlin, Ohio.  But the dream is to build my life building–residence and business entwined because it is no longer separate.  The timeline expressed this year was 2022, OR…

Having learned that my spiritual growth has transformed my belief, my thoughts, my words into manifestation in quicker time, it became 2022 OR BEFORE.

And now a new path to the dream is opening…and everything is supporting it, and this new path may appear very soon to take me on my destiny of JOY!


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