It is All About the Numbers!


It is an issue with me, according to my holistic doctor, that I am all about the numbers!  Well, that is a good thing since I am now in my target range of numbers in many areas where I have been striving to be.  After all, that is what people measure you by.  That is what I measure my activity by!

In health, that is a measurement, and I will continue to improve on those numbers so that I will be totally off of medication!  Am only on two right now.

In exercise, consistently meeting “steps” by walking every day, will do much to continue to reduce weight and improve health.

In my Pampered Chef “healthy”, in my third month, to be fifth highest producer on my team, was a pleasant surprise and motivation to keep doing what I am doing.  In my Norwex, second month, I am “engaged” for two months in a row–a good thing!

But today is a day about numbers, because today is my father’s 100th birthday.  He was an auditor for the federal government; he was all about numbers.  I am close to him even though he is deceased.  I am the oldest of three, today is August 3rd, a number that does not change in either case.  I was the first in that situation!  

No matter what anyone thinks, it is all about the numbers!


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