To Borrow a Phrase “Hippie Thoughts”

Hippie Thoughts Sustainability

Thinking bold thoughts brings to mind all of the words that defined me many years ago and define me today with my Core Values of Personal Sustainability.  Yes, I may be as dated as the VW Bus, but I lie it that way!  Over the years, readers of this blog have seen me move through varying phases covering financial transformation, healthy eating, and chemical free living.  I am sure there is more, but it ballpoints to Personal Sustainability.  And that is where I rest….

One of the areas as a want-to-be hippie in the 70’s that we did not dwell on was money. But today, when I think about money, I do think of other health factors such as food, chemicals, and sleep among others.  Why?  Because wealth is health and health is wealth.  To have your health is everything has been said for centuries, but more than that to have your health can make you wealthier.  

A full night’s sleep has been linked to 5% higher pay per an article on this topic in July 2016 MONEY Magazine.  The same article, authored by Katherine Hobson, Ismat Sarah Mangla, and Elizabeth O’Brien, states that regular exercise “fattens paychecks by 7% to 12%.  More than that, take care of your body and you take care of health care costs as well by reducing medical bills and allowing you to work further into retirement.

Being healthy is also of interest to employers in order to save on medical insurance premiums, and many are providing wellness programs not only for that reason but also to make employees happier which makes them more productive, and employers are happier as a result.  

While we cannot  go back to being hippies and living their values, we can do many things that will help us be more sustainable and help the financial piece of our life as well:

Slim Down, Sleep More, Work out, Stop Smoking, Stay Mentally Sharp through Nutrition, Exercise, and Learn How to Stress Less About MONEY!   

That is why today, and yesterday, and into the future, I will be writing about health,, food, chemicals, and MONEY!  Stay tuned, we all will learn something today just like we did from the hippies in bygone years!


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