Intuition Led to Ayurveda…

Inner Wisdom

For many years, I have worked on creating a manner of eating, not a diet, not a plan, but a flow of eating what worked for me.  I was always watching how I felt, how my body felt; and I rationalized many things like chips or ice cream with “a little bit won’t hurt”.  Wrong!

While I pursued much in energy and holistic learning, “Ayurveda ” was an interesting area that I always wondered about but never pursued.  A very good friend knowledgeable in Ayurveda remedied that recently, and I am thrilled she did. The outcome was that I am a Kapha, and that is right on.

What is amazing is that my intuitive discernment with food over the years has been right on.  Now to learn more about Ayurveda will follow because I now know I am already tuned in through Intuition!


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