Whatever Happened to the Wax Fruit?


Remember the days when in the middle of your family’s dining room table sat a bowl of very real-looking fruit and/or vegetables just for decorative purposes?  I have not seen one of those in decades, but I do remember them.

When I read the book REAL FOOD FAKE FOOD, it brought the bowls of waxed produce to mind!  There are concerns out there about ingesting fake food.  I can remember more than one young toddler reaching up to the bowl of waxed apples and taking a bite.  That was one concern, but today’s fake foods are much more concerning.  The concerns about today’s fake foods range from health concerns to economic justice to the environment.  The US FDA is of little help as they do not police most food fraud.  Restaurants are exempt from labeling laws.  So it is totally up to the consumer in the United States.

In Europe, there is concern about food purity in the concept of Reinheitsgebot.  Beer and Baguettes were under scrutiny many years ago to make sure that only water, barley, and hops were in beer, and flour, water, yeast, and salt were in the baguette.  And even more, where the food was produced fell under scrutiny.  Even in the United States, we are aware of the Parma region of Italy and its ownership not only of Parmesan-Regiiano cheese but also Prosciutto de Parma.  Maine Lobster is quite a distinction not only in flavor but of quality of lobster in the United States.  

And white tuna is usually escolar.  Grouper many times is Asian catfish.  Red Lobster, and American Chain, usually buys their lobster from Nicaragua.  A langostino is not a lobster.  Scallops, preferably dry, are usually only available December through March.  And yet, we see so much labeling in grocery stores and restaurants that lead us to believe otherwise!

There is more about Kobe beef, olive oil, and more…

All I know is that I will only buy Maine lobster and dry scallops; and in the future, I will only buy other seafood from Alaska for their seafood is still wild, natural caught, and sustainable.  By the way, it is told in this book that Trader Joe’s is a reliable place to buy seafood that is certified.  It is time for more education, I think.



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