Getting Ready to Be Ready to Transform!

butterfly clipping wings July 6 2016

A long time ago when I lived in Vermilion, Ohio, a city by the Lake of Erie, I had a slate wallhanging created for me by a local artist of lake gulls with the words “Don’t Ask Me to Walk…When I have the urge to soar!”

Four months ago, I moved to Oberlin, Ohio from “the city”, the Greater Cleveland area.  It seemed as if “the city” had clipped my wings and found me doing what everyone thought was mine to do.  I needed to leave “the city” to regain my wings.

I am happy here in Oberlin while I am still trying to find where my wings want to take me.  I have rolled out The Empower Excellence Experience:  Personal Sustainability.  I am very diversified and yet unified, but I need to set my core in place while ablaze.  Does that make sense to anyone but me!

Many folks in the city have disconnected since my move, and that is ok.  They are the caterpillars I left behind for the most part.  They knew me as Jan Litterst for many years, the person in financial services in one way or another:  banking, financial planning, financial coaching.  I was slogging my way through amid so many other caterpillars.  I was there, I grew up there, I left there, I returned there, but I was never really there!

And now I can feel it coming, the bigger transformation, but it is not ready to crash the chrysalis to become a really beautiful butterfly.  I think I need a resting time before I begin the transformation, the really big one!  And yet, I have a hard time taking a time out.  So for now, I am slowing down and taking a respite in what I have created so far.  Yes, the financial transition coaching– as money is an emotionally based tool of life– remains in the Empower Excellence quadrant.  The Spiritual–the soul– is residing in The Practice at Oberlin quadrant beginning September 12th.  The Physical–nutrition keeps us alive–is rooted in the third quadrant Pampered Chef “healthy”.  The Earth–our personal bodies and physical residences–is based in the fourth quadrant–Norwex– clearing chemicals from our personal existences.  As spiritual beings having a physical experience on Earth, food, self-care, and money are vital pieces to healing ourselves and healing our Earth, starting on the personal level.

Peace is within me, and I am beginning to share it outside of me…please join me.



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