Be You!

Trust Yourself

It has already been a long day…

Following my intuition is something I am fairly good with, and then there are times I am not!

Yesterday, I was not.  

I just knew from early in the morning when I left my house seeing the markings on my driveway today was the day they were going to repair the driveway as a result of the forever gas line replacements.  But I always have faith that it will all be good!  Well, I was right, and I was wrong!

They did repair the driveway right before I arrived home st 6 pm.  I live on a state route…there is no alternate parking….it all worked out because of previous knowledge I put into play after pulling into a driveway with no cones and hitting bottom because they had dug a hole there and filled it with concrete–now I have one tire concrete encrusted!  OMG!

And they would be working on the driveway where I was granted permission to park at 6:30 this morning.  It Is also trash day!  I was told I could drive on the repair this morning.  So I did!

If I would have listened to my intuition yesterday, I would not have done my grocery shopping while in the city, including a watermelon, picked up dry cleaning, gone to the bookstore, etc.  I would have saved myself all of the trips from a distant driveway in almost 90 degree heat.  

But I have one more story in my arsenal for the future…this is the easy stuff.  The harder stuff is coming out against fake food, chemicals, the medical tradition, and the traditional financial industry, the stuff that is killing so many!  But I am trustung my intuition on this, too, and I hope you are, too!












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