What Are We Thinking…


Really, what are we thinking?

Have we become so complacent to allow manufacturers of foods, of cosmetics, of cleaning products to shower us with chemicals in our homes, on our bodies, and into our bodies?  Have we forgotten how to read labels?  Do we really believe there is no alternative?  Or have we just become lazy?  Or is our self esteem so clouded by big money being spent on every form of media to allow our ego to believe their claims that what they offer will make us better in some way?

All of us have fallen into their claims at one time or another; maybe right now!

Are you wanting to die earlier because you are slowly poisoning yourself?  Yes, YOU are poisoning yourself by listening, by allowing, by not stopping to consider what you buy, what you eat, what you clean with.  YOU can stop it.  Interested?  Stay tuned!food



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