And Why Would You Shop There?


Today was a day of exasperation for the second day in a row in my adventure of grocery shopping in the Oberlin, Ohio area…

But it really began on Saturday at the Oberlin Farmers Market…one question there:  where are all the organic local farmers?

I am a total supporter of “local”, but I also prefer “organic”!  Tell me how you grow your food, please!  You can offer pesticide, etc. free, without certifying!

Then yesterday, based in many recommendations of trying Walmart for a good selection of organics at lower prices than other stores.  OMG, no, never again.  My feelings about Walmart remain….junk in, junk out!  They do not respect their employees, and they do not respect their shoppers!  I am not going to shop all Walmarts in the area to find one that offers quality because they feel a certain area deserves better!

Tiday at Giant Eagle in Amherst, Ohio, with an advertised special of organic mushrooms, There were three packages that looked like they should be removed because of their condition were marked down for me to 1/6 of their advertised price. And I took the best package and cooked them right away.  How bad can you get?  This is pure disrespect for the shopper!  Yes, I took advantage because it was feasible for a use I could create.

My point is that a store can create loyal customers by respecting them by offering quality choices……..whatever they desire at a reasonable  price.

And there are stores that do that….two in my area–Heinen’s and the Oberlin IGA.  AND I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!

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