More Than Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health!

Hazards to Your Health Cigarettes


A lot of reading goes on in my life, much of it about food.  I do believe I am preoccupied with food!  With all of that reading, I am convinced, without the scientific proof, that processed food may be killing, and has killed, more than cigarettes have killed.

Consumers want “cheap”.  That is why we can see fast food places advertising their most recent “value” meals for under $5.00.  And, oh my, they offer you a sandwich, fries, a soft drink, and a dessert in that meal!  Yet, if you go to a casual restaurant and order a salad it can cost two to three times that amount.  Makes you wonder what the value meal food is processed from!

And that is the key…”processed food”.  If you cannot separate out each ingredient and purchase that individual ingredient in the grocery store, it is processed.

There is much wisdom in shopping the peripheral of a grocery store:  produce (fruit and vegetables), seafood, and meat.  And many would prefer that you stick mainly to the produce department.  And you may also find dairy and bakery on the peripheral areas of your grocery, but they have also fallen into disrepute as being processed.  And they are!

So what are we doing to shorten our lives with processed food.  We are going the quick and cheap way.  It has often been said:  garbage in, garbage out!  And that is something to consider before you eat your next meal.


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