Happy Weekend, Yes, It Is!


It is the weekend!  Yes, it is!  Being happy, Yes, I am!  Butterflies are Flying, Yes, they are!  Food is local, Yes, it is!  Being Sustainable, Yes, I am!  I have worked my butt off for several weeks working on all parts of my business through The Empower Excellence Experience…transitional financial coaching, Professional Women’s Connection, The Practice at Oberlin, Pampered Chef “healthy”, and Norwex!  This is all about Personal Sustainability!  Personal Sustainability is the basis of my Core Values!

Because of my Core Values, I have worked my butt off.  This is month 4 of my journey to 2022.  2022 is special for it is when The Empower Excellence Experience will begin building its own complex in Oberlin.  It is when the true manifestation of blending personal and professional Core Values will be real.

But until then,  I have been working to unwind my workaholic personality.  That is important to reach my 2022 goal!  And today was a successful day towards that goal…It Has Been a Happy Weekend!


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