Are We Lazy and Cheap?

Fast Food

Another OMG day!  What are we doing to ourselves and our family?  Are we that shortsighted that we choose the nutrients that we all eat based on how fast and how cheap we can get them into our cars, our homes, and into our stomachs?  It is always great to hear that someone”s spouse can cook beautifully–male and female–and what a sense of relief it is to the spouse testifying to the skill of their spouse.  It takes the responsibility for “feeding the family” off of them!  What we have learned over our lifetimes is that men can cook, too.  Growing up in the 1940’s and 1950’s, MOM did the cooking, good or bad.  But as women joined the workforce, the men soon learned that they could cook, too; and so did women learn that they could share “feeding the family” with DAD.  

But the novelty wore off over the decades, and now no-one wants to spend the time cooking daily to “feed the family”.

Both MOM and DAD want to get out of that daily chore, and the supermarkets and fast food have taken it over.  As long as everyone has the “not me” attitude toward the daily cooking, fast foods are there, and supermarkets are gaining on total meal preparation not only on holidays but every day.  

I stood behind a middle aged gentleman in the grocery store yesterday.  I had my organic strawberries, organic unsalted butter, and a few household items,  He had three different sugary cereals, non-organic fruits and vegetables, tons of deli meat packages, and cheeses.  It was a huge bill but not huge considering it looked like a week’s worth of groceries for a family.  Breakfast=cereals!  Lunch=processed meats and cheese.  And who knows about dinner; that is where MOM and DAD look at each other and say “not me”!  Fast food is always an option.  Fast and cheap!

Cooking is becoming a chore no one wants to do…what are we doing to ourselves and our families? 



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