Leaving the Left to Free the Right! almost…

When I moved to Oberlin, I was looking for something…peace, quiet, culture, life!  In almost 4 months here, I have found all of that.  I have given my left brain a chance to breathe while allowing my right brain to become more active.  Finding balance has been creative for me…and it took a turn for “interesting” this past week.

It was an extremely busy week begging for balance, begging not to get in my car and drive somewhere…Professional Women’s Connection West, FEBE, The Community Foundation of Lorain County, an Ease at Work presentation at Thompson, Hine in Cleveland and nationally, and an Empower Excellence client meeting.  Yesterday was the Chalk Walk in Oberlin with Liam, Kurty, Kurt, and Nicole, and reading GROCERY!  Last weekend I read THE CHEESE TRAP.  My entrepreneur side was screaming to pay attention to Pampered Chef and Norwex!  But there was no time!  Literally, on Friday afternoon at 3:30 PM I shut down mentally!  Within a few hours I was ok with that.  I knew I would make a comeback, and I knew it would be this morning.  When my right brain kicks in, there is no stopping it!  But today begins the mix of the left brain and the right brain.

I think they call that balance!



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