With Only three slices of Swiss left…

The Cheese Trap jpg

Transitioning is a subject I excel at as I work with clients who are transitioning somewhere in their financial lives.  But I also work with folks and Pampered Chef to educate on how to eat and cook with Pampered Chef in a “heathy” way as a consultant.And it is all part of what I call The Empower Excellence Experience:  spirituality, healthy eating, and sustainability.  It is encompassing all of my Core Values.  Always I am improving, trying at least, to improve what I am eating to increase my personal sustainability and longevity.  I have read other Neil Barnard books before I read THE CHEESE TRAP this weekend.  I am sad, but I am not surprised for the more I read the less I eat.  I will not spoil the book for you, but the last three slices of cheese in my refrigerator will be the last three I will eat.  Cheese is a transitioning tool from vegetarianism to veganism.  This will be a quick transition!

CORE VALUES ______November 2013 jpg


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