Saturday with Food…

Food You Are What You Eat Farmers Market

Many folks like to sleep in on Saturday…sounds good to me because I am a great sleeper, but Saturday is food day in one way or another…going to the farmers market, prepping food, eating leisurely, and more.

Food has become a major part of our culture, and there are so many books about it.  Some talking about the good, some talking about the bad.  But both choices are good for you.  I have found that while I cannot become involved in fiction, I am definitely involved with food books.  One of these days I will talk about two of the books, one by William Anthony about LIFE CHANGING FOODS and one by Neil Barnard, M.D. THE CHEESE TRAP.

One of the books is good and one of the books is the bad about food.  I will let you speculate about which is which.  But, what I am finding is that the more I read the less I eat.  My turning point with food is what is done with it, if it is processed or not, and to be honest I have had some surprises.  What turns you on about food?  What turns you off about food?  I think that I shall one day be a farmer in this life…Really!

FOOD with Vegetables Gardening therapy


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