Water, water everywhere…but…


Back to Money, Food, and now Water…

No matter how much money you have, no matter how much food you have, you still need water.  Plain and simple.  As humans, we are a high percentage of water, and we need to stay hydrated.  I am not going to throw out figures and statistics.  I have been told I am somewhat too reliant on figures and statistics.  It is true, but the more important thing is that we are made of water, we need water.

In the United States, we are fairly fortunate about the abundance of water.  However, that does not mean that everyone in the United States has access to water or access to healthy water.  I have to smile when I pass several “Natural Stream Water” distributors in my county.  Has no one read about pollution.  I smile because I doubt that stream water is as pure and natural as some might like to think.  And yet, this is a better situation than some have in their local communities, such as Flint, Michigan, currently in the national news as local officials are being charged with criminal action for the lack of action they took with the Flint water supply.

In other parts of the United States, many are also being faced with their local water supply being privatized with an attempt to charge local water users with past charges to make the water system profitable.  And it goes on and on…

It is important for me to share that water is necessary for life.  In many countries, water is a luxury where people spend a good part of their day working to bring water to their homes.  No one is addressing the fact that the water may be really unhealthy…the human being needs water for existence.

And that is where this story ends, for you who have water in your homes, for you who have the ability to secure water to exist, be thankful.  Drink water, bathe with water, treasure your water, and realize that it is an essential component before you covet your money or crave your food…Appreciate Water!


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