Food, Money, Life!

Michael Beckwith Quote for Use with Money!

It all begins with you and the power within.  That may not be clear to everyone…where is that elusive power within that can change how you think about food, how you think about money, just how you think.

Well, it is within you.  Finding it is your first step.  I talk a lot about going within.  Starting with learning to be quiet, not talking, being still leads to more quiet, more listening to your mind, your heart, your soul.  Start with quiet, more and more quiet. That leads to the listening.  We listen to so many outside sources, it is time to learn to listen to ourselves!

We are born with all the wisdom we will ever need; then we get messed up by all the stuff outside of us.  If we can remember we are wise, we can then tap into our instinct, our intuition, our gut feelings and begin to believe in our own inner power.  Now I will be quiet, so you can then be quiet, and begin your journey inward!



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