Are you Afraid of Opening Doors to the Unknown….


when we are talking about money and food…

Opening a refrigerator door can be scary.

And you can blame it all on money!

Especially for single parents who routinely do their grocery shopping when the child support check comes; and then, for a very brief time, opening the refrigerator doors is delightful.  Why?  Because it is full of food from the proceeds of the child support check.  But it is also scary because everyone knows the dollars are gone and so is the food before the next check comes.  We talk about food desserts in cities and neighborhoods, but what about the food dessert of another kind in your kitchen?

Lately we are really digging in the dirt about food and its relationship to money.  The phenomenon of the empty refrigerator is really more feminine in nature than masculine.  Men may just go on and do whatever they need to do about an empty refrigerator and feeding hungry mouths:  it is what it is.  Women, on the other hand, worry about feeding those hungry mouths.  I am sure that there are single fathers who also agonize over this, but I can only speak from a woman’s perspective.  

And here is something really interesting.  When I was looking for an appropriate photo of an empty refrigerator, it was interesting that I found many, comical and otherwise, of a man staring into an empty refrigerator.  So I widened my search and looked for a woman and an empty refrigerator.  There were plenty, and most of them were of women CLEANING an empty refrigerator.  In the rare cases of men and women and an empty refrigerator, the man looked with dismay at the woman in the picture while the woman stood there with a helpless look on her face.  The man could have easily been imagined to be saying “Why is there no food?”

What I really want to share today is that opening a refrigerator not knowing that there is or there isn’t enough food in the refrigerator is daunting.  For a single parent raising children, it is a major worry.  It is the reason single parents let their children eat first.  It makes the food go farther if she just says “I am not that hungry.”

Food in this case is all about money.




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