Put a Little Love in Your Dirt!

SR Woman Gardening Small

when I look out into my backyard, I see lots of trees, grass, birds, and bugs!  It is .75 acre that is attached to my duplex in Oberlin…It is a plot of land that is teaching me patience.  It has an abandoned garden plot, which I initially offered to garden.  You see I am renting my duplex from two gentlemen who bought the property in November of last year.  Their intention, like many of ours, does not match their reality.  I moved in during March.  My unit was pretty ready; but the unit next door is still under reconstruction.  This is a part-time business for them.  “Part-time” is the key here.  Their thought about my gardening the abandoned garden was their counter offer to garden the smaller plot where a shed once stood.  They would get it ready.  I am sure it is on their list, but it has become the spot where grass clippings come to rest.  I am not complaining, I am just saying.  Their plans also include cleaning up the backyard and, possibly, cleaning up the standing water that is a consideration for most of the land on our immediate horizon.  So…when I agreed to rent the duplex, I made it clear I am not a landscaper or a snow plower!  I have no time nor desire to do either.  That is one of the reasons I choose to rent at this time.  And it is killing my spirit not to get out there and work the land one way or another.  But this is an important part of principle…I am paying someone else to take care of this.  So I am doing nothing, not even planting the planter in the front of the house because their next big job is to do all of the trim painting around the whole house.  I am not so silly to think that my plantings would be safe .  Long story short:  I would love to put a little love into the dirt, front or back, vegetables or flowers.  There is a healing in playing in the dirt.  It is a part of all of us, and we, I, need to be a part of the dirt.  But, if I were to go out and do my thing when “the guys” have stated it is in their plans, I am not trusting them, I am being impatient; I feel it is not meant for me to have this happen on my timetable.  And that goes back to values and integrity with the soil.  The dirt, the seeds, and every animal around would know that I am being disingenuous about this planting stuff, and I truly believe they all would do their best to frustrate the heck out of my efforts. Talk about playing dirty!


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