Why Buy Local, Especially Food!


Organic vegetables on a stand at a farmers market

I am a local type person because I want all of my neighbors to benefit when the economy is “local”!  I live in a town that kept Walmart out of town, McDonald’s is so far from all of the other restaurants downtown, and Subway must have been located in town as a concession to some of the college students. I live in Oberlin.

Not only do I try to buy everything local as far as candles, books,beads, etc., but I also  frequent the farmers’ market year round.  I like talking to the farmers who grow my food; I learn so much.  I also like knowing how they grow my food, what is important to them for I believe their values are incorporated into their crops!  Honey, greens, strawberries, and more grown locally really do taste better.  They do not spend days on trucks crossing the country!

As an advocate for local food, I was a part of Slow Money coming into existence in Ohio and Cleveland several years ago.  I will share more on that in a future blog.  But Slow Money is all about local food and investing in local soil.  And soil can be a problem with our food today.  So much has been depleted from soil!  It is important to me to invest my food dollars into local land where farmers are local and not corporate, where the farmer can share the story of my food from seed to market.  It is called integrity, not only of the farmer but also of the soil.

I like integrity!


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