Can Money Cause an Epidemic ?


It is a beautiful Saturday in Oberlin, Ohio…

I was supposed to be at the Cleveland Vegan Society’s 2017 Vegfest in Downtown Cleveland today, but the past 11 days have been hellacious!  I backed out of that trip last evening because, to be honest, the schedule looked like nothing new for me, and I was purely exhausted.   And the exhaustion all came about because of a health concern.  Nothing about the health concern is resolved; only my resolution is resolved.  And it is because of how I have lived my life since 2006 that my resolution is strong!  

In 2006, following preventive medical recommendations, I had a colonoscopy that turned bad and I began hemorrhaging.  It ended with an 8 day hospital stay with surgery but the end result was a benign growth.  In the last week, I finally received my total medical record from the Cleveland Clinic.  I had requested it in 2006, but it was never delivered.  I have read all of the 350+ pages, and I am now comfortable with my decision to do nothing at this time. My doctor wanted me to undergo a colonoscopy again; I said “no”. But that is the past, today is now and moving forward.

I listen to my intuition and my body when making decisions.  To stay in Oberlin today was the right decision.  Sleep was wonderful; it usually is.  Up and about changing linens, doing laundry, having a healthy breakfast, walking over 6,000 steps to visit the library, the Farmers’ Market, learning all the way–use to buy hydroponics lettuces, but no more.  Talked to the grower and learned that they DO use fertilizers, etc. but only one-third of what non-organic growers use.  That is no longer good enough for me, and I ended up with the last of the organic lettuce that the organic farmer had!  

It is amazing how our intuition affects everything directly or indirectly.  I mistakenly brought home a container of Heinen’s spinach earlier this week to find that I had grabbed the non-organic choice.  Somehow, I could not bring myself to make a spinach salad this week!  I pretty much eat organic, but in the vegetable department I am pretty much always organic.  And this is where the money enters the picture…

In the last 11 years, I choose to spend more money on food to make sure that it is the healthiest choice I can make.  My body, my health, and my life are worth it to me.  Begin reading labels, news articles, nutrition reports, and more and you will begin to see why I do this.  We are slowly being poisoned by chemicals in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, sprays, depleted soil, artificial sweeteners, and more.  Sugar itself is a major killer!  Yet, while we are not eating sugar by the spoonful from the sugar bowl, it is in so many processed foods.  

Yes, food is necessary, and it can be expensive; but, if we do not take care of our bodies, how much will we pay in the future for poor health?  I am beginning to link my passion for healthy living and local food to my other passion of making everyone able to have a healthy relationship with money.  It is all about a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  I will be sharing more as the days go on about food in all manners as well as how our relationship with money will lead us down the garden path to eat right while not spending every penny have.  You can do both, stay tuned, and I will share that with you.



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