Let Me Tell You a Story…or NOT!


And sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from telling ourselves the story!  Yes, the last week has its own story, but it is over, and I just do not feel like telling it any more.  Unless I choose to tell it.  I do know that I can tell the original story that began in 2006 much better today than ever before.  Maybe, just maybe, that is because I know how that story ended, and I have learned a lesson that I do not want to repeat.  I think that is what is called “wisdom”.

What is this all about?  

A week where I let go of my personal wisdom for a few days to listen to a test result that doctors and all were ready for me to admit to more testing, to being in the hospital, to dying of cancer.  Oh my God, where was I in allowing that to happen.  Well, I will tell you:  It was fear!  And FEAR is a great element for a story, but not for me.  

So how did this all end?  I will tell you a short story:  

  • I got the test result
  • I held fast to a belief based on past experience
  • I “listened” to the doctor
  • I went into myself with education and more
  • I once again remembered the past experience
  • I trusted my own judgment
  • I changed my mind!

End of story:  Brave, strong woman tells all in the medical profession to take a flying leap!  And life goes on…


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