When a Major Medical Situation Strikes in a New Decade…


This blog may be one of the last for a few days as I begin the process of preparing myself to make a medical decision that I thought was resolved in 2006.  I am breathing, and I intend to do more for me than just breathing in the next few days.  The New Moon today reminds us that things that were buried so deep so as not to rise ever again do come back to the surface.  This is one of those things.  The initial consultation with the doctor happened at 9 am this morning, and now it is more consultation with more specialists.  I am good all by myself with a lunch scheduled with the most perfect friend that it could be with,  For everyone else, I may have tried to reach you to talk with you.  For whatever reason, my calls were not returned.  Or you may be involved with your own personal trauma.  Whatever, I am known as Miss Independent and I will continue through this in that manner.  Breathe for you, and breathe for me, until we are through this part of our journey.


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