Be Courageous With Your Money Beliefs!

I Believe in Courage

Michael Bernard Beckwith has been a favorite of mine in many things spiritual for many years.  But what I really like is that he is a teacher.  Many years ago on a program dealing with prosperity Michael advocated that when bills arrive, be happy.  Be grateful because the issuer of the bill was good enough to allow you to use the service for which the bill has been sent before you paid for it.  Interesting take on it, I thought.  But since that day, I welcome bills and am grateful for them.  

I am not always happy to have to pay them, but I am grateful for what they represent.  This is a shift in my beliefs and is one of the courageous beliefs I have with money…that I should be thankful for bills.  But courage goes much further than that inasmuch as they always get paid one way or another.  The bill is a piece of paper for something someone allowed you to have whether it be a piece of merchandise, a medical service or a utility.  

A bill upon arrival can strike fear or love into your heart!  Replace the fear with courage.  Open the bill, remember what it is for, be grateful for whatever it is for, and put it in its paper place to pay it at the appropriate time.  In the case that you do not have the resources to pay it at the moment of its arrival, practice courage in another way.  You know in your heart that the resources will available or they will not be available.  If there is no chance that they will be available, then gather up your courage and advise your creditor when it is appropriate to do so; that is, before the actual payment due date.  Many times, your courage will pay off and they will work out a plan with you.  Then breathe and believe that it will all work out.  Small steps of courage lead you to do the right thing at the right time.  Begin now.

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