That Shiny Penny…Is it a Special Year?


The colors, shiny blue, green, and purple!  The balloons are a part of my brand.  Balloons fly like butterflies, do they not, and then they are gone…very short-lived.

They represent pure joy!  They do!

About a week ago in a local Heinens, I walked in and there was a bright shiny object on the floor.  I pick up pennies!  Pennies make up dollars, do they not?  It was a penny.  I never looked at it but tossed it in my bag.  But I was being observed by a smiling woman who shared that I should check the year because it could be special!

Days went by, and I am finally at a point in my life that money is the last thing I tend to think about in my personal life.  But yesterday, I went looking for that shiny penny, and I found it.  The year?  “2017”  

WOW, that is a special year!  I am in my chosen town of Oberlin, and I am happy.

This blog this morning is only to share that when you find shiny things in your life, dream!  Believe!  It could be your special year!

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