The Only Choice You Have to Make Today!


This is a very low key day.  A day where JOY is an easy choice for me to make.  It is a day like this that seems so comfortable and simplistic!  It is the day when I have no idea that my house keys and my car keys are tangled up with all of the laundry  until I find them.  It is a day when others’ concerns begin to be not my concerns.  It s a day when clients’ needs are so simplistic if they could only take the time to look and listen to themselves.  I am not sure what that says about me today, but I know that it bothers me and makes me joyful.

A friend will be joyfully arriving within an hour or so, so this will be short.  And it should be short.  The title really is true.  If you choose JOY in any decision you have to make, whether it is money or otherwise, you will be making the right decision as we are meant to be joyful throughout our lives.  Why do we go and f____ it up by making it complicated.  God brought us into the flow of the Universe with joy, and we are part of God, so JOY should be our mantra.

So, just for today, try this.  State out loud what decision you have to make.  Then ask yourself the question:  “Will it bring me JOY/”  Answer that.  And ask the question “Will it bring me JOY?”  Keep presenting the options to make the decision and asking the question “Will it bring me JOY?” until you find the option that will.  That does not mean to be a pollyanna; be truthful; but keep in mind that today is the day that you choose JOY!


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