Are Allowances for Adults?

Toddle Laughing Happiness

If anything, toddlers are just learning a teeny tiny bit of information about money.  They have no concept of what an “allowance” is, nor should they; they are teeny tiny people.  As they grow, an “allowance” becomes something they hear about, and then they want one too!  Not unusual!  They are in a growth phase for the next 18 years, and this is how they learn.  Sometimes you ask, and you get.  Sometimes you ask, and you do not get.  That is when they learn at a very early age to throw themselves on the floor with all extremities flaying–they probably learned that from an older sibling or older playmate.  It works!  Adults are concerned, maybe adults come running.  

Let us be clear, and parents should be clear about allowances.  This gives the child control over a small amount of money.  Parents use cash if they are smart.  Credit cards are not physical manifestations of control; children need to learn control with real hard cash.  And chores should not be the means to the end, in this case, an allowance.  Chores are being part of the household.  Everyone lives there, everyone shares the work to maintain the household and the family–at least it should be that way!  Allowances should be consistent, control loses its power when the adult takes the power back and decides not to pay the allowance.  Think about it!  We are talking about toddlers…oops the title of this blog is “Are Allowances for Adults?”

Ask a toddler and they will laugh…allowances are for children.  My answer to the title question is “NO!”  Adults have roles in their lives, they are no longer children learning control, or they should be adults with control.  Giving an adult an allowance is putting them back in the role of a child learning control.  Degrading and probably ineffective as well as putting the person granting the allowance the control and the superior role.  How unfair.  There are times that an adult needs to learn control, but an allowance is the nonsensical thing that makes toddlers laugh.  Really!  Find another way, folks.  Allowances are for kids!

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