Piggy Larceny!


It is Monday after a long beautiful weekend of celebrating Mother’s Day!  The money has been spent as if a national holiday; and it is a national holiday of deserving note!  I do not think I have ever heard of the “numbers” for spending on Mother’s Day, but it must be huge!

So now it is Monday, and, if you find yourself a little short on cash after all of the celebrating, I must give a word of warning:  Do Not RIP OFF your child’s piggy bank!  I do not care of you can pay them back later today, do not do it!  Money is an explosive subject involving respect and trust and much more.  If your child has begun saving, no matter how little, they have learned the thought and process from you.  You cannot not under any circumstance go into the piggy bank in the light of morning after they have been whisked away by the trusted yellow school bus and “take” their money!

DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!  Whether or not they find the crime, they have too much to lose if you do, and so do you!  It is called TRUST!  You have given them trust to save, they have given you trust to believe that the piggy bank is sacred territory!  



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