End Blaming Your Parents!

woman-crying older jpeg

We are all connected; consequently, we all have an impact on each other!  And it is oh so true when it comes to family, especially our parents.  And it is a long held family tradition for children to blame parents for everything wrong in their lives.  On the other hand, many parents blame their children for all that has gone wrong in their own lives.  Oh my!  What is wrong with this picture?

I am no different than anyone else with this.  I did come from a dysfunctional family, and it took me years to disassociate from the dysfunction and move on in my life.  I think I am pretty much there today.  While I do not blame my children for things in my life, there are certain factors that are true and did affect where my life is today.  That is enough about that.  

It is time to break the cycle, and it is not that difficult to do if you take it moment by moment and day by day.  Being conscious, living in the now, all of those wonderful things that really are true and do work, are to be kept in mind.  But it takes time.  It takes self exploration.  It takes being silent enough to finally learn who you are.  But the time to break the cycle is when you have children.  Amen!

Especially when it comes to money, stop using your parents as an excuse.  It is ok to recognize their influence on you, especially when you are raising children.  If you think they made big mistakes about money, it is time to stop making the same mistakes.  You can use your parents as an example with your children if you do it with love and pure intent.  Raising children is nowhere to be malicious.  Keep in mind memories like the graphic above when you may have witnessed the emotional toll fighting, especially about money, took on your parents and on you!  The emotional impact does not go away.  It stays in the DNA of children forever, and, while they may overcome it with professional help and self exploration, seeing a parent tormented about money remains with us.

Do you want your children to carry those memories with them?

Take responsibility for you and your family and your money and learn the ways to help children grow up with a good relationship with money.  What I have found is that when the children are learning from their parents, the parents are also learning from their children.


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