Are You a Money Genius? Is Your Child?

Dancing toddler

Your child in a way is a shadow of you…

What you display in behavior, in example, will be shared with our child whether you know it or not.  Parents for the most part are reluctant to talk to their children about money–it is like the shadow, it is there, but it is never totally visible.  We as parents procrastinate, we panic.  All the while, toddlers have intuitively figured out how to use an iPad, and I speak from experience with my two-year old grandson.  He has already put together the money I have used to coach him on having a “stash” with the games he likes to play on the iPad and that he has money when “Daddy’s money” on the iPad is gone.  We, as parents, have to learn to talk to our children and grandchildren about money.

But, before we go too much farther, banking is different today than when we were children, and how we talk to children should be age dependent.  The most important thing is to start the conversation about money.  If you think this is a good idea, stay tuned, for future blogs will share some rules about money when talking with children.  Think about it, that is the first step!



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