Worry & Stress…


The above diagram is pretty simple…no matter what, Don’t Worry, be happy!

I can hear it now when folks read this if money is a cause for their worry.  “Easy for you to say!”

But it really is that simple, but it might take days or weeks or months or, in some cases, years, to get over worrying.  You see worrying is a family tradition.  If your mother worried, if your father worried, you learned early how to worry.  You may feel that it is simply a normal part of your life, it is natural for people to worry.  

But stop and think, do you want your children to carry on this tradition or would you like them to have a worry-free life?  If you do not want worrying to be part of your legacy, take a moment or two to read the graphic process above.  It is that simple.  Find a way to incorporate this into your thinking process.  It may take a while, even a long while.  But it is worth it.  I have taken the time to figure out what I can do something about, and then I do it.  If there is nothing I can do, I still move forward in a way to do whatever I can when I can.  Communication in both cases helps a whole lot!  Talk with those who are part of your problem or concern.  It is always amazing to me that people are usually eager to help you find solutions; you just have to talk to them.  And you will feel better, and you will learn over time to stop the worrying.  

Children can tell when their parents are worried, and they pick up on the emotions.  Try to think of that before you show signs of worry; better yet, learn not to worry!  Be Happy!


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