Obsessing Over Money with a Toddler!

Toddle Laughing Happiness

Toddlers obsess, but they do not obsess over money!  It is a lesson that adults need to learn.  Toddlers trust that they will be taken care of as long as they make their needs known–that is what they are learning to do–how to make their needs known in an acceptable way.  Yes, they do throw tantrums, but it is rarely over money!  They no not sit there and hope someone will rescue them from their needs.  Adults can become depressed over money and become couch potatoes retreating from the reality that they have TO DO SOMETHING.

Toddlers can teach us a lesson:  Do what you need to do and then enjoy your life.  More than that, toddlers do not need to hear, see, or be told of money concerns.  They will carry those with them into childhood and then adulthood.  Be the adult, do not share your money worries with your children.  Instead, begin to teach them good money thoughts and skills.  Who knows?  You might just learn something in the process.

More than that, have a good nonsensical laugh with the children in your life…


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