Little Ears Carry Your Messages for Years

Inner Child Swimming

To be carefree and joyful as a child is so very important.  To enjoy your childhood gives more of a chance for a child to grow up to be a healthier adult.  But, sometimes, the financial worries of the adults in the family are shared in the general family environment.  Little people are very wise, they know the tone of their parents’ discussions convey love, fear, worry, and panic.  When these feelings about money are heard in tone or in actual words or in answer to a request from a child for something, those emotions are transferred to the child when it comes to money, and they are carried with the child forever.  More than that, the inner child embraces those thoughts, and without their knowledge or permission become their own in the formative years.  Be wise, be careful, and do not share your feelings and emotions about money with your young children, or they will pass it on to their children.  This is not a legacy that you want to pass on.  It can be a legacy of fear!

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