Let’s Talk About Money…and When Do You Start Talking About Money With Children…


Hi, my name is ….  That is ok, you really don’t need to know, and my Mom and Dad do not want me all over the internet…child stealing and all that.  I cannot complain, they love me, and My Gram Gram Jan who is writing this respects my Mom and Dad and does not want anyone grabbing me on the street either!

But Gram Gram Jan started talking “money” with me several years ago.  It seems like forever.  I did not know what money was, but I did know my name when the mailman came and put a bunch of stuff in our mailbox.  I had no idea what he was doing–I just liked to open the mailbox and see everything fall out every day!  When I started seeing my name on things that fell out, I got curious.  And then I found out that I could open those pieces of mail (I have learned since then that is what everyone calls it–“mail”????)  

And then my Daddy showed me what he called “money” in the mail from Gram Gram Jan.  Ok, if that is what everyone calls it, it is ok with me.  But everybody got excited when money came to me, and my Daddy helped me make a “bank” out of a shoe box.  Why we had to call it a bank I did not know.  And then everyone started calling it “college money”.  I have no idea what “college” is after all I am not even 3 yet!  But everyone got excited that I was going to college.  I have no idea what they are talking about.  But I joined in and all of a sudden everyone was showing me “piggy banks”.  Again pigs go “oink” that is all I know from singing “Old McDonald had a Farm”.  Pigs, banks, oink, money — all of this got everyone excited, so I laughed and went along with them.  Then all of a sudden I have more than 5 piggy banks, and I started asking people when they came to my house if they had “money”.  I am a little kid, when I asked, they gave me paper and “coins” to put in the banks.  I did not know why, but it was cool that they were giving me things to feed the piggy.  Mama started telling folks I would be a millionaire, another thing I have no idea about, but Mama seemed happy about that.

About the same time all of a sudden Daddy and Mama changed their minds and started letting me use their iPad — before that I was not allowed to touch it but they found that I was really good at the kids’ activities and kept me occupied.  And wen I would use it with Daddy he picked games that had a word on it “FREE”.  If I chose something else, he would say it costs money.  He always chose “FREE”.  And then he put “money” in the iPad–it was like magic because he did not use paper or coins!  And then one day he told me we were out of the money in the iPad.  

Then it clicked in my little head.  I told him “Daddy, I have money”, and I took off to get one of my banks.  Now I know that money can let me do things that I never could do before.  I still ask for money, and people still think it is cute and they give me coins and paper, and I put it in my banks.  And the bank thing is getting out of hand.  Instead of candy for Easter, Gram Gram Jan gave me a stuffed monkey that is not a stuffed animal to play with.  It is a blooming bank!  Oh well, this bank thing may be getting out of hand.

But I am a smart little kid, and I know now that when I ask for something in the grocery store or Toys R Us, and my Mama and Daddy say “We don’t have money for that”.  I know better.  I have money!  and now I can pick things I want…Money is powerful like Batman!  I like money.  And I am not even 3!



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