It is a Happy Friday…

Happy Friday

Most people just look forward to Friday to start their weekend, but, me, I am happy most days.  Oh yes, a little sadness occurs every once in a while, but it does not matter what day of the week it is.  When I am following my mission and my purpose, I find happiness at most times.  It can be brought to mind by little and big things.  Very little of my happiness has to do with money…

Over the years since taking my leap of faith and leaving corporate America and big government, money has out of necessity of my choice been a concern.  Sometimes a big concern, sometimes a little concern.  But, working with people on their money relationships has brought new enlightenment to me.  I am still a believer in multiple streams of income, and I am finally back in that practice.  Now, money is there, it really is, for what my purpose and mission is.  And that has had a change in focus over the years.

Being a single mother now for 34 years, my children were always my first priority during their pre-adult years.  Now, while they are still a major concern, it is a different type of concern.  I know it is the time in my life that I have to take care of me for the rest of my life.  And becoming older is bringing new obligations in that regard to preserve and protect my life.

All of this is leading to my longevity; but a major contributor to longevity is not directly money; it is happiness.  This weekend is a happiness weekend.  My oldest son comes back to Cleveland for the first time in many, many months not only to celebrate the birthday of my youngest grandson but also to become his god father.  That is an important thing for my son as he knows the value of having a father in his life.  Being a god father is an honor these days, and it is hoped that his role never becomes active, but, if it does, I know he will rise to the occasion in a way that he knows he can be!  It will be a time of happiness for all; that is my hope and belief.

And that is far better than money…


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