Good Vibrations or not…


Today is going to below key day starting with many errands…the first is not a pleasant one inasmuch as my landlord/neighbor found in his mailbox a check made payable to Empower Excellence, my company, and the ripped open envelope.  Who ever opened the mail in his mailbox did not even bother to put the check back in the envelope!  So it is off to the Post Office I go to be there when they open to file a complaint.  Then to return books to the library, then 8 miles away to one bank to deposit said check, and to another bank to make a deposit to earn extra cash over the next month!  No serious negotiations on this waning day of Mercury Retrograde. Yesterday was the day from Hades in that concern.

But I did resolve a big issue yesterday, although it too most of the day with Sprint totally ignorant of what they were doing, leading me to my internet provider, who led me to the supplier who sold me my router.  I was on a mission, and it took almost 4 hours of my day to retrieve a password for my wifi which I wrote somewhere (it is probably with the 500 business cards that disappeared) during the days leading to my move to Oberlin!  I will never forget that password again.

There are lessons to be learned with a day like yesterday:  time is money, and money rules the world, right behind technology!  Time is a valuable resource, and sometimes we just have to slow down enough, which had I been working a little slower on the move I might not have forgotten to write down the wifi password and my iPad would have been usable for the last 5 weeks, to make sure that we are doing what we need to do to save us tome and money moving forward.

Ironically, yesterday morning I canceled a 7:30 engagement for today because I have a lot to accomplish today with my newest venture in my company Pampered Chef “healthy” and its launch this weekend.  That time is now being spent with the Post Office!  And, yes, money is involved.  So, sometimes our inner voice knows what might be coming and helps us slow down enough to plan for the unknown!  And for that I am grateful…slow down, think, and be blessed on this day!



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