During the last several weeks, vivid and lucid dreams are becoming a major part of my sleep!  I am still receiving fantastic rest, and I am still sleeping 9-10 hours, but something changed.  At first I credited it to the new naturceutical I began 3 weeks ago, soon after moving to Oberlin.  For the most part, that is going well.  So why the sleep phenomenon?

Well, I have done more research, especially after the very graphic and lucid dream about counting attendees at one of the networking groups that I run.  It was hilarious inasmuch as 67 people flowed into a room meant for no more than 30, and the proprietor was nowhere to be found.

And then it hit me that many years ago my holistic doctor told me that I am too hung up on numbers!  These vivid and lucid dreams are happening as I am finally in a place where I am emotionally and spiritually finding my truth.  All of them have been about deeper issues, all issues that I am in the process of letting go.  They are representing new spiritual energies, about my subconscious, about my Higher Self.  They did get my attention!  These dreams are serving as a bridge between my earthly life and my expanding consciousness.  They are a spiritual wake up call!

And I am ready for that wake up call as The Practice in Oberlin is moving towards a Fall Launch, and Pampered Chef Healthy/Empower Excellence is 99% of the way there.  It has been a long hard road, but I am there at the portal, and the dreams are pushing me on through!

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