And Change Happens…


Today is Day One of Completion of The Empower Excellence Experience and the message that I must focus on what is important…and that means eliminating what is not working and keeping what makes my heart sing!  As of yesterday, two major points fell into place:  The Practice at Oberlin is now real with a start date of September 26 and a place to call home:  First Church Oberlin !  A few fine points will be developed as the days progress, but that is the work and people are already expressing interest.  New people who are eager to learn.  The second point is that I am now a Pampered Chef Consultant, and my website when completed will be  This is to cover the area of Healthy Food and empowerment for others while The Practice at Oberlin will be covering consciousness and spirituality.  It is only 6 weeks since moving to Oberlin and the intention of developing and rolling out The Empower Excellence Experience.  Now the work begins with grace and blessings and passion and mission!

But there is the other side of the coin, and that is the Clean Living, Modere piece.  Biocell has one more month to prove its efficacy and to work out the dreaming phenomenon.  Last night’s dream was extremely real and bizarre with my mother passing and my father being alive, which in reality he died 20 years before my mother passed.  In the dream, I take the lead to clean out her house and to place my sewing machine in her casket as well as knitting needles.  She never sewed, she never knitted.  And I had nothing to do with cleaning out her house.  Busch Funeral Home did the arrangements; never in my parents’ belief–only Tomon & Sons buried the dead!  I think the Clean Living will remain a personal choice for a while, and then it will fade into a personal belief and not a part of The Empower Excellence Experience.  One must make the right choices!


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