Thanks, but no Thanks!


My dreams are getting stranger.  Nothing to do with money.  Everything to do with purging.  Sleep came slow last night after a text conversation with one of my sons.  But sleep did come.

The conversation had nothing to do with my dream, and dream I did again last night. Now the dates are becoming timestamped with items in the dreams, and last night was 1976.  I was with my ex driving to the turnpike in Cleveland.  We were by the West Side Market but he wanted to get to the turnpike at 422.  No guesses there.

It was very clear we were vacating our joint residence, going our separate ways.  This is very clear that it was one year after we adopted our oldest son.  The marriage was crazy, we were moving to a new home we were building at that time, but that was not the dream.

As I have said, these dreams are a purging, a clearing to make way for the future.  My take:  we should have gone our separate ways in 1976 instead of waiting until 1983.  But there are wonderful reasons that we stayed together:  our second son born in 1978.  Would not want to change anything, but my dreams are doing the purging.  I am just along for the nightly ride!


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