Bad Dreams, Not Nightmares!


While I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or more, I know me pretty well, and, when things change, I recognize them and can pretty much identify the source of the change.  

Three weeks ago, I introduced Biocell by Modere into my life to improve flexibility, energy, and longevity.  This was several weeks after my move to Oberlin, which was an exhausting two months of activity.  In the first few weeks, with the use of Biocell, my dreams became very vivid and high definition, but they were nothing to be concerned about.

Three weeks into the Biocell, I am having several nights of vivid, high definition dreams that are a little more exhausting and deeper into my psyche.  Names and dates and colors are all playing a major role.  And they are long, long dreams pulling in players from my past and others who are totally unknown but who are having traumas of their own in my dreams.  

Waking up after these dreams, and I am still a 9-10 hour sleeper, I am not quite as refreshed as I would like to be.  Am I concerned?  No.  Introducing a new element into my body that is going to make a change does not come and take effect without affecting me.  Energy comes from within and without, and the energy I am still feeling is a long-lasting type of energy.  My body, my mind, my soul, my psyche is purging in order to allow the new good changes.  

And, with all of this, I am still moving forward in all areas of my life.  What I want to share is that, with all of the years of self introspection and energy work I have done, this is a radical deep cleanse of sorts.  Unlike Deep Breathwork or other energy practices I have learned, this is a physical change that is purging within me.  

All is well, patience is happening.


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