The Beauty of a Day…

Spring Flowers at FAVA 3 20 17

The simplicity of the season is displayed on Easter…we live, we die, we recreate!

And yet, we do try to improve all of the time…

And sometimes, we have to live through the purging that has to make room for the new…  Phenomenal dreaming has returned after about a week without it.  I believe it was my body taking a rest from the improvement I have been making.  I needed reassurance that I was indeed making a physical difference in what I was doing.  The dreams came when I began the recreation several weeks ago, and now they are back.  But now they are a little more demonic but then they resolve themselves in the same dream!

I am improving all of the time!

Yes, it is Easter, a time of resurrection and recreation, and I am respecting the day the same way I am respecting what is happening with me.  


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