Be Willing to Climb the Stairs…


Every once in a while, I find that I am lost!  Not physically lost, but emotionally lost.  Nothing is falling into place, and yet nothing is falling apart.  The last 24 hours or so have been like that.  While I am tranquil, I am not energized!  And I like being energized!

So a good night’s sleep usually helps.  Time away from everything happening helps.  I thought about that this morning as we approach the Easter weekend.  Everyone, including Jesus, needs a timeout for an hour or a day or a week.  With all that happens in the traditional Easter week, Jesus needed a few days away.  Momentum stops when we are sleeping — temporarily or not.  

Rested, I feel energized and ready to hit the ground running, making decisions on the priorities in my life; and some things will fall by the wayside.  Yes, some decisions were made yesterday, and that could be part of last night’s malaise.  They were easy decisions to make, but there are still more to come in the coming days/

I am at the foot of the stairs, thinking I know where the stairs lead.  Maybe I do, maybe I do not.  But I am ready to take the stairs one at a time, remembering to remain rested and energized.  Will my goal be at the top of the stairs?  A goal will be there, but there will be many more stairs to climb in the coming five years as we create my life in Oberlin.  


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