Living Local, Buying Local, Being Local…

FAVA 3 20 17

Empowering Excellence in Personal Sustainability is unconscious work after it requires conscious work…Almost 5 weeks into Oberlin, and I have had some soul searching moments as I found it harder to break old habits than I thought it would be.

My question to myself became “Why did I move to Oberlin?”

The answer to that is because I am an ardent student of Personal Sustainability, and Oberlin as a community tends to share that opinion and attitude.   And it is my intention to support that community in ways that fit with my values.  End of story.

So in the last several weeks, I am finding conscious decisions are being made about when to travel outside of Oberlin for personal and professional business.  It is becoming quite easy as the days go on.

It is not always a choice based on dissatisfaction of previous service providers but more a decision to replace similar quality of service with an Oberlin professional or retailer.  The dollars need to support the local community.

As I become more and more personally sustainable, and I have begun to be more aware of creating sustainability for my family, my next step in my own core values is to create a sustainable community by contributing to the local economy in various ways.  I am here in Oberlin and therein lies my community.

It is a decision, but more than that it is a choice!


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