Baby Boss & Empower Excellence

Dancing toddler

One of the beauties of living .5 of a mile to the Apollo Theatre in Oberlin, which is  a real movie theatre refurbished by Oberlin College, and they have a 4 PM matinee every day in addition to evening showings.  There are two movies at a time, and for my first visit I decided on Baby Boss!

While I really relate to the “baby” part because I have two grandsons who are 3 and 1, and after seeing the movie, the 3-year old has been calling the 1-year old “Baby Boss”.  It was delightful, while dark in adult humor, for the baby theme.

But I would be very interested in seeing a “white paper” of some sort on “Baby Boss” as a Harvard Business School case.  It is plentiful with business teachings far and above the level of babies!  And it is worthwhile for all who are in business.  

Just thinking, just saying…

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